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We’ve worked hard to find resources that meet our vision for protecting the planet. You’ll notice that your purchase arrives in a Dupont Tyvek® envelope and does not have tags attached with plastic!

If you are wondering “Why Tyvek?”, a publicly funded life cycle inventory (LCI) by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) with the U.S. EPA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program found that shipping soft goods in lightweight, non-rigid materials such as Tyvek® or poly bags is the most environmentally friendly shipping solution.  This is due to reduced weight, conservation of space on transit vehicles, economical value of the materials, and the best protection of products from moisture damage.

The ODEQ study provides a complete LCI from the extraction of necessary raw materials to production, use, and disposal of the packaging.  While it finds lightweight, non-rigid materials such as Tyvek® and poly bags to be the most environmentally friendly purchasing option for retailers, we must still count on you, our customers, to take necessary steps to recycle packaging materials.

The ODEQ Report: Life Cycle Inventory of Packaging Options for Shipment of Retail Mail-Order Soft Goods

If you don’t wish to reuse the Tyvek® envelop your purchase ships in, you can turn your envelop inside out and return it to DuPont or to Revenge Is… for appropriate recycling:

Tyvek® Recycle
Attn. Shirley B. Wright
2400 Elliham Avenue #A
Richmond, VA 23237

Revenge Is LLC
2355 Westwood Blvd.
# 417
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Our fulfillment center partners with us in making as many eco friendly choices as possible.


Our tees are made either 100% from organic cotton,  a blend of recycled plastic bottles (RPET)  and organic cotton, or other eco-friendly materials. To make the RPET, recycled plastic bottles are melted down and then processed into a fine yarn which, in turn, becomes a soft and silky t-shirt.  You can follow the process on the flow chart for processing plastic bottles into recycled polyester under “Power Point Presentation On Recycling Plastic Bottles Into Fiber” below. No pesticides, less plastic in landfills.   It takes between 3 to 5 plastic bottles to make each RPET/organic cotton blend tee.  After the bottles are melted, the plastic fiber is blended with organic cotton to give these tees their soft, silky feel. These tees can be washed and dried over and over and they won’t shrink, fade or lose their shape.

If for any reason you have to return an item, please try to reuse the package that we shipped it in.

We hope you love what you purchased and look forward to your next visit!