Who started Revenge Is…and why?

A lawyer-by-day and eco-fashionista-by-night, Marilyn Barrett started Revenge Is… to make activism fashionable and inspire you all to get engaged and make our world better.

 Are you really that eco-friendly?

Yep.  Our clothes are made from sustainable fabrics, our promotional materials are printed on recycled stock with soy ink, and our packaging is recycled, reused or reclaimed.  In every aspect of what we do, our goal is sustainability and we use the most eco-friendly products out there we can while keeping the fashion features intact.

 What’s the deal with the charities? How much money do you donate?

First: the deal with charities?  They are awesome!  Second: we donate 5% of a t-shirt’s net sales revenue to a charity that supports whichever issue was highlighted in the design.  That means if you buy an endangered species tee, we donate to an endangered species charity, or if you buy from our “eat your veggies” line, we donate to charities working to promote healthy living.  It’s win-win: you show off your support for a cause you believe in and we donate to a charity.

 When will I receive my order? Can you teleport it?

We are still working out the teleportation kinks but, in the meantime, we can ship to almost any country in the world.  We won’t tell you which ones we can’t ship to because that just takes the fun out of guessing.  Within the US, your order should arrive within 3 to 5 days.  If you live in California (lucky you!), you may receive your order in 1 or 2 days.  If you live down the block from us, you may receive it in an hour.  Orders going to Canada will take no more than 5 to 10 days to arrive.  Shipments to Europe, Australia, Japan and any other area of the world may take a bit longer but should arrive within 2 weeks.

 How much does shipping cost?

“Send me my stuff” Standard Shipping: $9.95
“I really want my stuff” Two Day Shipping (via Fedex): $20.00
“I want my stuff now!” Overnight (via Fedex): $46.00
“Donde esta la bibliotech?” International Shipping:  Please call 877-326-8331 for a quote or email customer service at info@revengeis.com

 I want tons of your products to give away or sell in my store! Can I buy Revenge Is…shirts, mugs, and/or tuckaway bags in bulk or at wholesale rates?

Hellz yes! Contact us directly at info@revengeis.com or 877-326-8331 and we’ll be happy to discuss our wholesale rates with you.  Hey retail and boutique shops: join stores like Grimes and the Den that carry our line!

 I’m organizing a charity fundraiser. Can Revenge Is…provide me with t-shirts to sell?

That is a great idea!  And yes, we can!  Call or email us at least 2 weeks before your event (preferably 3-4 weeks) to work out the specifics.  We may not be able to give you free shirts but we will give you a deal.

 Is shopping on your site secure? And what about privacy? Do you sell my email address or any other personal info?

Our store website is very secure, like Fort Knox but instead of gold we have awesome t-shirts.  The site is protected by the nsProtect Secure EV SSL Certificate.   It is a security technology that creates an encrypted link to ensure all data passed between you and Revenge Is… remains confidential.

And we don’t kiss and tell.  Revenge Is… does not share or sell personal information about our amazing customers or visitors to any third party.

 It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby. What forms of payment do you accept online? Can I make a purchase over the phone?

Forms of payment we do not accept: handwritten IOU’s, pineapples, cracker jack toys.  Forms of payment we DO accept: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card.  When you pay with a credit card through our site, your order is processed by Authorize.net.  We can also take orders over the phone if you are paying with a credit card.

We know that everyone is not comfortable purchasing online.  If you’d like to pay with a check, we’d be pleased to accommodate you.  You can download this Order Form and fax it to us at 310-474-4754 or contact us at info@revengeis.com or 877-326-8331 and we’ll take your order and provide you with an invoice.  We will need your contact information, including telephone number and email address (should we have any questions about your order). All checks should be made out to Revenge Is LLC and mailed to us at 2355 Westwood Boulevard, #417, Los Angeles, CA  90064.

 What’s the skinny on your sizes? What if I got the wrong size?

Check out our super accurate sizing chart here.  Most of our shirts are considered to run small, especially the women’s sizes, so you might want to size up.  We do provide size exchanges but you will be responsible for the cost of shipping the products back to us.    Just send us the shirts to Revenge Is LLC, 2355 Westwood Boulevard, # 417, Los Angeles, CA 90064 and let us know what size you need and we will get those out to you pronto.

 Oops my order is wrong or damaged!

Well, there goes our perfect record…  If the order is damaged or incorrect, please call customer service at 877-326-8331 or email us at info@revengeis.com and we’ll fix it asap.

 Double oops, turns out I need to return my order. Now what?

Just send your order back to us at Revenge Is LLC, 2355 Westwood Boulevard, # 417, Los Angeles, CA 90064, and we will issue a credit to your credit card for the charges on your invoice (always a good idea to include your telephone number and email in case we need to get your credit card information).

 What is RPET?

RPET stands for Recycled PolyEthylene Terephthalate. Polyethylene Terephthalate is commonly known as the kind of plastic that you can recycle.  By using RPET in our t-shirts, we are helping reduce the amount of plastic bottles in landfills.  Our friends over at the EPA say that 2/3 less energy is required to manufacture producers made out of RPET. RPET reduces toxic emissions in incinerators and creates less air, water and soil contamination.  Every organic cotton/RPET  shirt we sell contains approximately 3.5 to 5 used plastic bottles.  And, the RPET-cotton blend t-shirts are so incredibly soft and silky that you won’t want to take it off!

 How do I care for my new t-shirt?

Simple: wash in cold water and hang dry (to save energy).  But watch out someone doesn’t mistake the shirt for silk and ship it to the drycleaner.  Really!  This has happened – these shirts are so soft!

Our tanks tops and shirts made from micro-modal and micro-tencel should be hand washed and dried flat or, even better, dry cleaned.

 How can I help put the “ACT” in activism?

There are countless volunteer opportunities, regardless of where you live.  We have listed a number of organizations that you might want to volunteer HERE.

 Anything else you want to tell us?

We love our customers, we value your participation in Making Activism Fashionable and we want your feedback.  Send it to us at info@revengeis.com.  xo Revenge Is…