Who We Are

Marilyn founded ‘Revenge Is’ in 2008 and has been giving back ever since. Her reason for working so hard every day is to selflessly help others to make the world a better place.

The best revenge is living well… and looking hot while helping others.

This is the stuff we have to deal with: environmental issues, violence in our communities, war and national security, and economic turmoil. It’s complicated and messed up but we want to do something and help change things for the better… one t-shirt at a time. It’s like a revolution on a hanger – be a messenger for the causes you believe in and make people take notice!

 Our tees are fashion forward and forward thinking.

Be a style icon while making the world a better place! You can make a difference with the clothes you choose to wear. Our tees feature graphic designs that spark conversation – you will be the center of attention not only because of how amazing you look, but because of the message. Looking good? Inspiring people? Changing the world? Check, check and check.

 Made locally for the globally conscious.

We are committed to producing our Tees in the good ‘ol USA. Everything on our website is conceived, born, and raised in the fine metropolitan city of Los Angeles. Our products are free-range, organic, vegetarian, and never given any antibiotics or hormones. Which is pretty easy to do… because they’re t-shirts.

 Bionic Tees come to the rescue!

Our Tees are made from Organic Cotton and Bionic Yarn. Yeah – Bionic Yarn, you skeptics. Can any of your other clothes say that? Some super-smart folks convert plastic bottles into fibers that are woven into fabric. They use awesome technology or elf dust – either way it’s pretty amazing and we love them.

 Style for a Cause

You buy a shirt, we donate to a charity. Giving back was never so easy. At least 5% of our net sales will be donated to charities. Don’t you feel all warm and mushy now? – Marilyn